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Christmas calendars go too far!

What has happened to advent calendars?

When I was a child (I’m not saying exactly how many years ago that was) advent calendars were lovely sparkly pieces of cardboard with little doors on. We would get excited every morning at the prospect of opening the door and seeing a new Christmas themed picture. What would it be? A robin? A Christmas pudding? A piece of holly? Whatever it was, we would be thrilled.

Then came the chocolate advent calendars – hiding behind each door was a little compartment containing a chocolate. The old fashioned picture calendars were no longer exciting for a whole generation of children.

Then came the DIY versions – material hanging items with pockets for each day allowing the parent to post a small gift or surprise.

Now, this year, as I wander around the shops, I see advent calendars have been taken to an entirely new level.

It seems advent calendars now cost as much as a Christmas present and are aimed at both children and adults.

I have seen calendars containing a daily Lego toy, calendars containing toy cars and calendars containing favourite action figures.

And for the adults, there are calendars containing a daily luxury toiletry item (such as perfume and make up), calendars with jewellery in and even calendars containing a daily shot of whisky or a beer. Surely that’s taking the Christmas spirit a bit too far?

Sorry to be a humbug, but what was wrong with the good old traditional picture calendars and waiting until Christmas day for your gifts?

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