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Congratulations Lee!

A massive congratulations to Britain’s Got Talent winner Lee Ridley (aka Lost Voice Guy) for his continued success following the show.  It has been announced that Lee will be returning with a second series of his Radio 4 sitcom Ability.  This extremely likeable chap is not only very funny and clever, he is also a fantastic inspiration and a great example of how you can achieve anything you want whilst also managing not to take yourself too seriously.  Lee’s sitcom, co-written with Katherine Jakeaways, is about a man called Matt who has cerebral palsy and can only speak through an app.

The show is autobiographical as Lee has been unable to talk all his life due to suffering from cerebral palsy. His act involves him telling his jokes (often self-deprecating) through a computer.

Lee, 37, from Newcastle, has also managed to sell out a gig in his home town following his win on the show – something that was always an ambition of his.

Lost Voice Guy is the first comedy act to win Britain’s Got Talent and in fact the runner-up this year was also a comedian called Robert White. And for good reason too – we all need a bit of laughter in our lives.

Laughter yoga is the latest craze to hit the exercise scene and whilst this sounds like a good idea in theory, I think at my age I am safer doing my laughing sitting in an armchair not trying to contort my body into impossible positions!

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