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David Cameron on Letterman

I was surprised to hear that David Cameron would be appearing on the David Letterman Show in America this week. The British Prime Minister will be sitting on the entertainment behemoth’s famous sofa in the guise of discussing British industry, but I think he’s just trying to muscle in on some of the London 2012 glory.

I have never been a fan of Cameron; something about him makes me feel uneasy. I think his personality and demeanor represents such a small minority of the British public and it unsettles me that people round the world may think that I share the same values as him.

But the thing that makes me feel most awkward about Dave (as he probably would like us to call him) is how cringe-worthy and uncool he is. He’s just not a cool guy. I am genuinely worried about how embarrassing he will be on Letterman, I feel like he has the aura of an embarrassing uncle who’s still trying to be down with the kids.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the person you want to come to for insightful political opinions, but don’t you wish our leader was a bit cooler? How cool is Obama? Hollywood celebrities love him, they throw parties for him, and I don’t know if that’s happening for Dave.

Hopefully he won’t embarrass our whole nation by trying to impress America; although I do think that perhaps he should focus on getting more people in this country to like him rather than swanning off over there.


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