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Daytime heals

They say time heals, but now scientists have discovered certain times of the day heal better than others.

A team at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge has discovered that if you injure yourself during the day, it will heal significantly faster than an injury sustained at night.

We’re not just talking about a day or two – the research found that wounds healed an average of 11 days faster if they happened during daylight hours.

The difference is due to the speed in which certain cells rush to the wounded area. At night they are slower to respond.

Dr John O’Neill, one of the researchers, told the BBC: “It is like the 100m. The sprinter down on the blocks, poised and ready to go, is always going to beat the guy going from a standing start.”

Of course, since we don’t generally injure ourselves deliberately, this information won’t be of much use to most of us. However, scientists believe it can be used to improve recovery times from operations.

This study follows a recent revelation that recovery from open heart surgery is more successful when the surgery takes place in the afternoon, due to the natural body clock (circadian rhythms for the scientists among you) and the genes connected to this.

So, if you’re planning any dangerous activities in the future, try to make them during the daytime!

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