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Dedicated, but disgusting!

It appears TV doctor Michael Michael Mosley will do almost anything in the name of medical science and this time he has really surpassed himself!

Dr Mosley, who is famous for taking part in some mad medical experiments, infected himself with tapeworms just to see what would happen.

He deliberately swallowed the tapeworm larvae, collected from infected cattle, and then followed up with a second course of a tiny camera to track their journey. It all sounds like a bizarre bushtucker trial.

His experiment was part of his filming for a new TV documentary entitled Infested! Living With Parasites, for which he also subjected himself to lice and leeches.

He told the BBC: “When I first saw the worms, I was in an Indian restaurant. I shouted out: ‘Blimey! There’s a tapeworm in me!’ The other diners looked very surprised.”

The consequences of the experiment were not quite as horrible as you might imagine, with Dr Mosley only reporting a desire to eat more chocolate and a slight increase in his weight.

It was not all just to make gross viewing. Dr Mosley’s findings are being studied by scientists at Salford University as part of research into some of the more dangerous tapeworms that humans can become infected with.

There are also studies being made into whether parasites can be used to treat allergies and auto-immune diseases.

Previous studies Dr Mosley has taken part in have included taking truth serum and magic mushrooms and trying out a diet that involved fasting for two days a week. You can’t argue with his commitment.


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