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Detoxing dissected

Throughout the first month or two of the year it appears impossible to avoid the detox conversations taking place all around us – in the papers, on TV, online and on social media. It seems a large number of us are on a mission to cleanse our bodies following the over indulgent Christmas period.

Detox trends change each year, with new ideas popping up all the time. Some of the big trends of 2016 have included; juicing (it’s all about green – if your juice doesn’t contain kale, it’s not worth bothering with), detox teas (which claim to help you lose weight and flush out the system), colonic irrigation, drinking coconut water (low in fat, low in calories and good for rehydration,), and eating quinoa (a fashionable grain and so called superfood which is considered a healthy alternative to rice, pasta or potatoes).

Whilst it’s difficult to argue that any of these things are bad for you, many health experts suggest that the need to detox is ‘all in the mind’. Put simply, our bodies detox themselves, without the need for our special intervention – they’re doing it all day, every day.

Every cell in our bodies knows how to detox, the lymphatic system carries a few litres of fluid around the body which, when it eventually joins the blood, gets filtered and ready for removal by your kidneys. The kidneys then filter out the soluble waste into the bladder ready for expulsion. The liver is also key to our natural daily detox – a two step process enables it to prepare harmful substances for removal via the bowel. Long story short, if we actually needed to detox (e.g. we had a problem with our liver or kidneys), we’d know because we’d feel pretty unwell.

So if you can’t face drinking greens or munching grains, the best way to enhance your natural detox process is to simply support the function of the liver and kidneys. Do 30 minutes of exercise a day to increase lymphatic circulation, consume a good amount of fibre to keep your digestive system happy, eat a balanced diet containing an abundance of fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Here’s wishing you a happy, healthy 2016.


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