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Dispelling the ‘Miserable Monday’ Myth

The Boomtown Rats don’t like them, the Bangles think they’re manic and New Order find them blue, but new research has found that you’re just as likely to experience feelings of stress and unhappiness on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as you are on Monday.

American researchers questioned a group of 340,000 people and discovered that moods are no worse on a Monday as they are on other days of the week (except Friday). The research has managed to dispel the ‘miserable Monday’ myth but has found further support for that ‘Friday feeling’ as people look forward to the weekend.

The research also found that there was no significant collating evidence to prove that the Monday of the last full week of January, known as ‘blue Monday’ is the most depressing day of the year.

So what’s your least favourite day of the week? Mine has always been Tuesday because you’re just past Monday and Friday feels like a long way away; but I suppose it’s what going on in my life that affects my mood, not just what day it is. Professor Arthur Stome of Stony Brook University, who conducted the research, said that: “Cultural myths may vastly over-emphasise actual day of the week mood patterns,” and Monday has been unfairly singled out. I feel like we’ve all been a bit harsh to Mondays now!

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