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Do you believe in the 5-second rule? You should!

Dropping food on the floor is one of the most annoying things you can do.

You’ve been slaving away at making your food for ages, and then when you’re looking forward to it the most, you lose your grip, and the food falls to the floor.

At this point comes a conundrum. Do you pick it up and eat it, or do you throw it away?

People have much stronger views on this than you would expect.

There are some who would never in a million years eat it.

I must admit I am very much of the ‘just eat it’ clan, and if you fall into this camp, you will have heard of the ‘5 second rule.’

It means that basically you can pick up your food and eat it as long as it has not been on the floor for longer than five seconds.

The good news for people in the same camp as me is that scientists have proven that this is actually a rule you can use.

Germ expert Professor Anthony Hilton from Aston University said that there shouldn’t be too much to worry about as long as the food was only grounded momentarily.

Research showed, as you would expect, that a lot depends on the floor surface, the nature of the food dropped, and how long it spends on the floor.

As much as I am an advocate of the 5-second rule, I wouldn’t pick up some food if I could see some visible dirt or something like a hair on my food.

But if you’ve just dropped a crisp or a chip, I can’t see a reason why it wouldn’t be OK to just eat it.

Out of 2,000 people, 79% admitted that they had eaten food that had fallen to the floor.

It’s good to know that the flaws of floor food aren’t too bad!

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