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Do you share images of your children?

Putting images of your children on social media is one of the modern world’s biggest debates.

Parents are divided over whether this should be done, and you can understand why people fall on both sides of the argument.

We have all seen pictures of new-born babies on Facebook, and why would you not share this wonderful moment among your friends on social media? One of the beauties of Facebook is the ability to stay in touch with people who you don’t see all the time, so when a life-changing event like this takes place, why would it be unacceptable to share your happiness with other people?

Children form a huge part of our lives as well, so there is no reason why their achievements shouldn’t be celebrated on social media.

On the other side of the debate, a lot of parents don’t want the privacy of their children to be emblazoned over Facebook for the world to see.

You do wonder what the children might think of being on social media as they get older. When they are teenagers, they may not be happy that certain embarrassing images of them are on Facebook from when they were too young to realise what was going on.

According to new research by Ofcom, 56% of parents said they would not share images of their children online, so people seem to be split pretty much down the middle on this issue.

The interesting research also shows that more people are actually using YouTube than Facebook, but that people find the latter more addictive.

Of all the social media channels, Snapchat recorded the biggest growth but it is still some way behind its competitors, including Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

There were even 9% of people who said that they watch television or films on the toilet!

Now if that doesn’t show the freedom we enjoy in this day and age, nothing will!

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