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Does looking smarter affect your job?

Does and should it matter what you wear to work?

A lot probably depends on what sort of work you do but it is an interesting debate to open.
There is an argument that wearing more informal clothes helps you to feel more comfortable, which in turn helps you to be more productive.
Now, this would probably work quite nicely if you performed a job that didn’t involve you meeting your customers on a daily basis.
But when you are meeting a client, first impressions are always vitally important. A lot of people, whether rightly or wrongly, make instant judgements on people. The better and smarter you look, the more likely you are to create a good first impression, which in turn can help you land that business contract you’ve been looking for, or succeed in a job interview.
A lot also depends on the sort of person you are though. Forcing someone to wear something they’re not comfortable in probably isn’t the way to go as they are just going to hold a grudge against you.
This is where the argument for uniforms comes in. That way, you can avoid the quagmire of working out what clothes you should wear to create the right impression as everyone has to wear the same thing anyway.
Of course, ultimately it should be your ability and your work ethic that is the ultimate accolade for how good you are at your job. Looking smart can help, but being comfortable in your own skin is probably more important.
I have always preferred to look smart in the job as it gets me in the right mindset. For me, it’s about confidence as well as looks. I also like the feeling when I finish work of getting changed into normal clothes as this helps change the frame of mind I’m in from work to casual mode.
But all of us are different. And this is why it is important to feel comfortable in the choices you make, not ones you are forced into.

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