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Don’t forget to say thank you!

With so much bad and negative news to read on a daily basis, it’s lovely when one of those really positive stories comes along.  This week was the story of the cashier in Morrisons who helped a mum and her two blind and autistic daughters at the till.

The cashier, called Lin, supported the family when the two girls had a meltdown – even helping one of the girls to scan some of the shopping.

The mum Amanda was so touched by the kindness that she posted her gratitude and thanks on Facebook, saying: “It melts my heart to come across people that are prepared to go the extra mile, and little acts of kindness makes a massive difference to my world.

“I hope this gets back to her and she knows how much we appreciate it.”

It certainly did get back to her and the post went viral, being shared more than 90,000 times and liked over half a million times.

What was so lovely about this story was not only the fact that the cashier had been so kind and helpful, but also that the mum had gone out of her way to highlight this and say thanks.

I find people are all too happy to complain these days when they think someone has not done a good job – but rarely do people get praised when they do.

Let’s all make an extra effort to show our appreciation this week to the people who do a great job – perhaps say thanks to a teacher who has gone that extra mile, or tell your postman or lady how much you appreciate them delivering your letters every day.


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