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Don’t let the tech do all our talking

I find it a sad day when robots are put in place of real humans in a role that involves interaction with other humans.

I don’t have a problem with robots being designed for some purposes, but this week a story told how they are being used in a Belgium hospital to offer support and interaction with patients.

Pepper the humanoid robot is being trialled in the reception areas of hospitals and used to take visitors to the departments they need and help children with their rehab sessions and their fear before surgery.

Surely these types of jobs are better done by another human being? Where is society going to end up in the future if our emotions and feelings are dealt with by technology rather than another person?

I applaud the development of technology and robots generally, but there are surely danger signs in using them for this type of caring role.

Many of us these days are already concerned by how much we rely on technology for all our interaction. Face-to-face or voice-to-voice human contact is already becoming rare – especially for the growing number of people working from home.

There was a picture in the media this week showing children laughing and playing in the mud in the past, compared to a group of children the same age today, standing next to each other whilst all engrossed in their mobile phones. The accompanied caption asked which generation you would prefer to grow up in.

We’re all guilty of sending a quick email or text rather than phoning or going to speak to someone. We’ve all shopped online instead of actually walking into a shop to engage with another human being. So maybe we just all need to be aware of this and make a pledge to choose the more sociable option at least once a day!


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