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Doris really isn’t as friendly as she sounds

Doris seems like too sweet a name for the wind that is threatening to pull my garden fence down at the moment.

I try as hard as I can not to talk about the British weather too often, but sometimes it is just too hard to resist.

Fences and wheelie bins up and down the country are clattering about as this friendly sounding storm hits the UK.

Doris is the latest in a long line of cheerily named extreme weather fronts. Others have included Angus, Barbara and Conor.

The Met Office has warned that Doris will bring gusts of wind up to 80mph in some places – I think Storm Ninja would be a more appropriate name.

Chief Meteorologist Eddy Carroll said: “Storm Doris will bring damaging winds with some significant disruption likely to central parts of the UK on Thursday, whilst southern Scotland will see some heavy snowfall.

“People in the warning areas should be prepared for disruptive stormy weather, wind speeds in some locations could reach up to 80 mph so make sure you keep up to date with your local forecast and any weather warnings for your area.”

We’re not prepared though are we? Even though I knew Doris was on the way, I am still sitting here watching the usual stuff being blown around my garden and my fence buckling under the strain…

Hopefully the chaos will not last too long, with calmer weather forecast for the weekend – giving us a chance to fix all the damage.


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