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Dungarees are back – but for how long?

Dungarees, overalls, call them what you will, are making a comeback on the streets of Britain.

To be honest, the look never went out of fashion for children of a certain age. Designed for maximum cuteness and minimal practicality (you try taking an uncompromising dungaree-wearing toddler for a visit to a public toilet without them getting filthy and you’ll see what I mean), dungarees are the friend of every style-conscious parent and the enemy of every nursery school worker.

But up until recently, if an adult donned dungarees it could only mean one thing – they were a painter and decorator, a heavily pregnant earth-mother or a tribute act to New Kids on the Block.

But now, everyone is getting in on the overall act. TV personality Caroline Flack has been channelling her inner Charlene from Neighbours (minus the curly perm) and Naomi Watts has been stepping out to prove that it’s not just sweet young things who can work the look.

The styling has lost its baggy, big bottomed ‘90s charm and is now neater, more streamlined and a lot more difficult to move about/sit down in.

As with all of these things, it’s likely to be a passing phase which recreates the look of another era for five minutes before realising there’s a reason it was left in the past.

So, why will the dungaree trend be so short-lived this time around? Well, it turns out that whatever the age of the wearer, when encountered with somebody clad in dungarees the first thought that springs to the onlooker’s mind is: ‘That must be a nightmare to go to the loo in’. And usually they are right.

Fashion might ordinarily trump function, but only if you can go to the toilet without trailing parts of your clothing on the floor or prompting strangers in the street to think about your bathroom rituals. So hello, and goodbye, dungarees. You looked cute, but it’s very nice to be able to sit down properly and think about your virtues from afar.


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