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Easter eggs in the face

Time to end the new year resolutions – the healthy eating and the exercise – the Easter eggs have hit the supermarket shelves!

To be honest, I have only just finished chomping through my pile of Christmas chocolate so the healthy eating campaign never really got off the ground in my house.

But for anyone who did have an ounce of willpower at the start of the new year, it will be very difficult to stay on the chocolate-free wagon now the temptation is hitting them in the face in the form of all those beautifully wrapped chocolate eggs.

Just to make it even worse this year, those of us who like to indulge in a little alcoholic tipple can now combine the two sins. There are now gin and tonic and strawberry and prosecco Easter eggs out there!

Other Easter eggs on offer this year include a cheese flavoured egg, vegan eggs and even a black Harry Potter inspired Easter egg. A new giant Daim bar egg is also hitting the headlines as it is infused with 18 lots of 25g portions of Daim bar per shell – that might be one for sharing even for the most dedicated chocolate lovers!

With all the headlines in the news about children being obese these days and sugar being a big demon, I do wonder whether the supermarkets have some responsibility in toning down their eye-popping displays of delicious-looking Easter eggs – they must be pretty hard to resist for children and parents.

Perhaps the Easter displays could include some other enticing-looking but slightly healthier treats – such as baskets of strawberries or some attractive looking salad options?


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