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England’s Rugby World Cup champions celebrated

England’s recent women’s rugby union dominance was brought to a peak on Sunday August 17 when a victory against Canada secured the world cup for the first time in 20 years.

In the last three world cups England’s women have made it to the final but fallen at the last hurdle, but there was a burning motivation to make sure that 2014 was not a repeat. The victory wasn’t easy though, both teams were level on zero for the first half hour until Danielle Waterman managed to break free and cross the line for England. Even half way through the second half Canada remained in touching distance on 11 – 9.

A kick and then a try from Emily Scarratt turned a close game into a solid victory and jubilant celebrations for England. The joy and satisfaction on the faces of the England team was no doubt reinforced by the knowledge that this well earned win was a long time coming.

Captain Katy Mclean told Sky Sports: “We’ve worked so hard for this, and there are so many great legends that have gone before us that haven’t won it in an England shirt, and that’s for all of them who are here today,”

Less than a week after her great victory, Mclean was back teaching a class though. Despite all of the glory, the amateur team have to juggle full time jobs and intensive training to become the best in the world. Rugby union is not one of the formerly men only sports whose female side has enjoyed a professionalisation in recent years. Perhaps this will change, but there were no worries about that among the celebrating England team.


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