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Even the Queen tweets!

Even if you are not a royalist, it’s hard not to be a little bit impressed at the Queen’s 63 years on the throne.

Taking over the role at the age of just 25, Queen Elizabeth II is now Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

She is still carrying out her royal duties at the age of 89 – there aren’t many people who can say they have stuck at a job that long!

Okay, people might argue she has a life of privilege and luxury, and that may be true, but I imagine it must be pretty hard to live your life “belonging” to the public.

At the age of 25, when most people have nobody to answer to but themselves, she would have been under constant scrutiny, expected to behave in a certain way at all times. She wouldn’t have had any wild parties, late night trips to fast food joints, getting down and dirty at a music festival, a year out to backpack around the world or a few years at university to eat beans, drink and “find herself” – all rites of passage for today’s young people.

The Queen has obviously seen many, many changes during her time on the throne, including the introduction of social media into our lives. Did you know the British Monarchy has its own Twitter account?

Recent posts on the page have included excerpts from Queen Victoria’s journal written in 1842, the latest official photograph of Her Majesty sitting at her desk and lots of snippets about what all the members of the Royal Family are up to.

I wonder if the Queen ever writes any of the Tweets?


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