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Everything’s a haggle these days

Have you noticed how there doesn’t seem to be a fixed price for things these days?

We seem to have to haggle over prices for everything – our phone contract, energy supply, home improvement services, insurance, even buying a computer in a high street store.

At the risk of showing my age, I was born in the ‘70s and I am used to having a fixed price for everything. Nowadays, even if you go into a high street shop to buy an electrical item, the price seems to be negotiable.

Then there’s services like getting new double glazing, organising your new phone contract and so on…

If you are very ‘British’ like me, you may find this hard and quite uncomfortable. I am just not used to this price haggling and quite frankly, I am just no good at it.

There are lots of financial blogs and articles out there offering advice on how to haggle well, but I still find it extremely awkward.

I absolutely dread the annual date when my car insurance needs renewing. It always involves days of ‘playing the game’, getting one quote, then quoting that to the next insurance company to get their price down and so on… Why can’t modern companies just give us their best price right from the start? Surely that would be better for business?

Such is the art of haggling these days that consumer body Which? has even issued guides and haggling scripts on the subject.

It says: “In a 2015 Which? study, members saved themselves an average of £78 by haggling on their car insurance. In the survey of 1,880 motorists, 78% of respondents haggled successfully.”

So, go out there and barter!


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