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First born children

Are you a first born girl in your family? If you are, chances are you’ll be the most ambitious and qualified out of all your family then. This is according to groundbreaking research from…

…the University of Essex, which found that statistically speaking, female first born children are the highest achievers out of all siblings.

Now, from my point of view, I couldn’t believe this to be more accurate. But then, of course, I am an eldest girl. And when I look around at the families I know, I start to see there could be some truth in this. But I see it in eldest male children too.

And while the statistics can’t lie, there has got to be a rather simple explanation as to why the timing of your birth could have an impact on your successes in life. In my opinion, it’s how you are treated as you grow up and what status you’re given in your family.

In my experience, first borns are often given more time and energy in their formative years by their parents, who are besotted, younger and have more time and energy with only one child to care for. Eldest children are also given more responsibility as they get older, and expected more from as they grow older still.

In my experience, first borns are therefore more earnest, growing up more responsible and serious than their carefree younger siblings, striving to live up to expectations, provide for everyone and being the solid unit at the head of the family.

And while it can be tough at the top, the study reveals there are also great gains to be had.


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