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Fishing around for a good World Cup story

You don’t need to love the football to enjoy the World Cup, there’s so much other great stuff surrounding this sporting event.

For example, I always look forward to the inevitable psychic animal that pops up for the tournament.

This time around it is Big Head the Brazilian turtle, who has loyally predicted his own country will emerge victorious from their first match.

Unable to talk or take himself down to the local bookie shop of course, Big Head made his views known by choosing to eat fish from under a Brazilian flag. Apparently, if he had chosen to eat it from under a football, that would have indicated a draw, whereas if he had chosen fish from under the Croatian flag…well, you get the idea.

In the 2010 World Cup it was Paul the octopus who managed to correctly predict the outcome of a staggering eight matches. It’s a shame for Paul that he couldn’t place his own bets either.

World Cup merchandise is another area that amuses me. This year you can get anything from a wearable St George flag that resembles a cape, to a removable tattoo sleeve that covers your entire arm. I’ve also seen pants, flip-flops and even sunglasses with the George cross across the lenses (it might be worth wearing these during England’s penalty shoot-outs in the hope that you see less of the pain).

And when I get bored of watching the matches, the commentary is always entertaining (in a painful kind of way), especially when there is not much action on the pitch.

So go on, paint your face with a flag, ask your cat who is going to win and enjoy a great World Cup 2014!

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