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Food waste facts have made me freezer frenzied

How much food do you throw away each week? Probably more than you think, according to research.

We don’t really like to admit it, but on average, most of us throw away a fifth of the food we buy over the course of a year.

The statistics come from charity WRAP and its campaign Love Food Hate Waste, which aims to raise awareness of food waste and encourage more food recycling and use of leftovers.

Since becoming aware of this campaign, I have realised just how much food I can freeze. It sounds obvious, but everything from half-used jars of sauces to fresh herbs that I am not going to use in time now goes in the freezer. Leftovers get thrown in there to be used in another meal.

The only downside to this system is my permanent battle with the freezer! It’s like a jigsaw puzzle in there and I regularly swear at it when trying to locate something! Looking for the tub of ice cream often ends in the entire contents of my freezer being emptied onto the kitchen floor in a rage, followed by several attempts to then fit it all back in again.

Love Food Hate Waste estimates that food thrown out by homes in the UK in one year would fill nine Wembley stadiums to the brim. That’s a lot of money to be wasting as well as food (if I could put an Emoji in here it would be the one with the curvy ‘erk’ mouth).

Anyway, to excuse the obvious pun, it is definitely food for thought.


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