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Forget normal politics, there is plenty of that in any office!

Office politics is something that fascinates me.

It amazes me how different one office can be from another. I’ve worked in frenetic offices where everything moves at a mile a minute, to quieter ones where the pace is much slower.
There have been offices I’ve been in where nobody really talks to each other, and ones where employees talk about everything under the sun.
I saw an article recently about the types of people in an office you shouldn’t talk to, and while it was quite interesting, I ended up wondering if I would ever talk to anyone in an office ever again if I were to follow the advice of the article.
I must admit that at times I can be a bit of a chatter at work. I’m interested in what other people are doing from a work and personal perspective and I like to get to know people – whether you think that is curiosity, being nice or nosiness is for you to decide!
You spend 8, 9 or maybe even more hours a day at work and probably see your colleagues more than you see your own family so I think it’s extremely important to get on with the people you work with.
Having said that, work isn’t a place to socialise and I like to think I work hard in everything I do, so it’s important to strike the right balance between getting on with your tasks and asking people how their weekend was or whatever else you may chat about.
One of the most annoying office traits I found was the issue of buying the milk for the cuppas. Some people drink more tea than others, so shouldn’t they pay more? Should everyone chip in the same amount? I don’t have that issue now but even small issues like that can transform into larger problems if you’re not careful (I’m more a live and let live sort of person).
There are so many different characters in an office as well. There’s the ambitious one, always looking to make the next step, maybe not even caring who they upset in the process, to the steady workers who have been at a firm since the year dot and are happy in their circumstances.
There is every other type of character in between as well and it really is interesting discovering what makes people tick so that the greater office community can thrive.

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