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Four means more

Most of us will be pretty envious of the staff working at a company in New Zealand that has brought in a four-day week.

Four means more

Four means more

Perpetual Guardian tried the new shorter working and reported amazing results – a rise in productivity as well as the obvious outcome of happier, healthier staff.

The theory is that staff will waste less time in the workplace if they are only working four days but still aim to maintain the same levels of productivity. The four-day week also may avoid what has become known as the midweek slump.

I can’t see many people complaining about that system. I would happily avoid reading personal emails/chatting for ages at the coffee machine in order to have an extra day at home to do the housework. My weekends are currently taken up with chores and rushing around – to the point where it is almost a rest going back to work on Monday. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Staff at the company in New Zealand also reported that long boring meetings were replaced with much more productive meetings where only the essential discussions took place – something they were all very pleased about.

The results of this experiment coincide with a story in the news this week highlighting the fact that almost half of UK workers have experienced a mental health problem at their work.

Maybe more UK employers should consider trying a four-day week initiative. Although I am not sure how school children would react to that unless it applied to them as well!!!

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