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Gender neutral or nonsense?

As children return to school this week after the summer holidays, one comprehensive has already managed to hit the headlines and divide opinion with its uniform policy.

Priory school in Lewes, East Sussex has decided to insist that all its new pupils wear trousers, in an aim to make its uniform more ‘gender neutral’.

The policy has certainly received mixed opinion, with some people welcoming the idea, while others saying it is nonsense.

The school’s website states: “This uniform has been designed specifically in response to the many issues and suggestions raised by parents, students and school staff.

“Specifically, it addresses the current issues of inequality and decency. We hope that it will provide a smart, comfortable and affordable alternative to the current uniform.

“The new update consists of shirt, tie, school jumper and trousers. This is a gender-neutral uniform to be worn by all students.”

Surely a gender-neutral uniform would be one in which all children can choose what they wear. Many girls would happily choose to wear trousers and also, there are plenty who don’t like or want to wear a skirt. Equally, many boys would choose to wear trousers and some may like to wear a skirt.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with allowing young people to feel comfortable in their preferences, surely banning certain clothing is just not allowing anyone to feel relaxed in expressing their gender identity? It is just forcing them to hide it.

Acceptance of all types of people and all types of identity will only come if we embrace it, not brush it under the carpet.

Is the school going to make everyone dye their hair the same colour as well, so children don’t stand out for having ginger hair?


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