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Get in the garden: it’s good for your soul

While the seasoned gardener will know exactly the virtues of why gardening is a wonderful pastime, novices out there might be yet to really appreciate what getting outdoors with your secateurs can really do for your well-being.

The very English country garden tradition of opening up your gates to the public in aid of charity and allowing people a good look around your flower beds while drinking tea was reported on in The Telegraph this week.

The article told of a website which was set up two years ago by keen gardeners and acts as a database of gardens across the country which homeowners open up and last month the site ( attracted 30,000 visitors.

If you are starting to think that maybe these grass gatherers and petal peekers might be on to something, we tell you why gardening is good.

Horticultural therapy

Yes, it even has a name. Therapists in this field (sorry) say gardening is good for the brain and heart. Mental health is boosted with a sense of control over what you are doing as well as taking your mind off any stresses you have and studies have shown that views of landscapes and nature lowers the blood pressure.

In our busy lives, gardening also allows us to get fresh air and relax our shoulders for a while as we enjoy the therapeutic time to ourselves, quietening our buzzing brains and moving our bodies in manual work.

We nurture our plants like our young to create a better and sustainable life. By growing plants we are helping the struggling bee population and by growing vegetables we can feed our families. This is all a huge boost to our self esteem and fantastic for our overall happiness and wellbeing.

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