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Get set to join the TRX trend

Despite the concept having been developed by Navy Seals back in the 1800s, TRX has recently burst into the fashionable world of fitness. Chances are  you have come across people talking about it, and working out when they’re going to get their next fix. But what is TRX?

According to Wikipedia ‘the term Suspension Training refers to an approach to strength training that uses a system of ropes and webbing called a “suspension trainer” to allow the user to work against their body weight’. Go to a TRX class and you’ll find groups of people suspended from the ceiling from their hands, feet, knees or head (okay maybe not head), leaning forwards, backwards and sometimes sideways. This manoeuver, which uses your own body weight from different angles to engage many different muscle groups at the same time, is carried out with the aim of building up strength, balance and flexibility. Originally used by the military as a way of being able to train almost anywhere at any time, it has now become a popular activity amongst the celebs – Jennifer Lopez, Gisele Bundchen and Mary J. Blige – to name just a few.

Whilst all that hanging around might look pretty easy, it’s actually bloomin’ difficult, but trust us it’s great fun, and makes a nice change from a long cold run on a frosty winter morning. If you’re looking for something new to motivate you into getting fit, give it a go. Not only will you be able to join in with the office chat, you might actually like it (and develop a few muscles in the process).





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