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Good gadgets, bad gadgets

Computers and technology get used for many purposes these days, but one of the best ideas has got to be the computer controlled wine maker!

A man in California has invented a large gadget called a WinePod, which basically makes 28 bottles of wine using software from your PC.

You add the grapes, plug the cylinder into your computer and sit back and wait for a few months until it is ready to drink. It’s as simple as that.

What a great idea! I personally can’t think of a better use for my PC. And I’m not the only one, apparently the WinePod was being ordered by customers when it was still just an idea, before it had even been built.

Its inventor Greg Snell told the BBC: “The story took off virally. All of a sudden I had people from all over the place wanting to buy this thing that really didn’t exist yet.”

If he could just develop a machine that grows the perfect wine grapes from a packet of seeds, then we could all have our very own vineyard in the garage.

If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable gadget this Christmas, the latest inventions on the market include an expandable bookcase that can grow with your book collection and a ball covered in 36 phone cameras for those amateur photographers looking to take an unusual shot.

Some of the less successful gadgets I have bought over the years (and then never used) include a juice maker, a vegetable steamer (I probably should use this one) an electronic chess game, a sandwich toaster that is simply too difficult to clean and a coffee bean grinder.


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