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Hail the British weather

Okay, I can’t resist it any longer, I have to talk about the weather…

I know it is a predictable subject in the UK, but just when I thought it couldn’t get any weirder, ice began falling out of the sky where I live yesterday, in the middle of July!

We have learnt to expect unpredictable weather in this country, whatever the season, but when I saw giant hailstones pummelling down in my garden, I really thought I was dreaming.

Being soaked to the skin on at least three occasions this week and having outdoor events postponed due to rain did not surprise me, but hailstones?

My heating even kicked in first thing in the morning. The heating had been left set to come on with the water, but was turned right down on the thermostat, but with the temperature being so low, it actually came on.

Extreme temperatures were recorded by the Met Office up and down the country – ranging from 20 degrees at Heathrow to three degrees in Katesbridge, Northern Ireland.

Despite having lived in the UK all of my life, I still haven’t managed to learn that no matter what it looks like through the window, you should always take suncream AND a raincoat if you are going for a day out.

I do love the fact that we all optimistically (or stubbornly) organise events that rely on dry weather as soon as summer officially starts in June! Often with no back up plan. It’s as if we believe that if we want it badly enough, the weather will surely stay nice for us.

Enjoy your summer! And don’t forget your weather survival pack.


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