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How can pregnancy massage help?

Pregnancy massage is also known as pre-natal massage. The idea of it is to relax your body and your muscles, as well as increase the bond you have with your unborn child. It can also keep your nerves at a steady level and give your back a rest from the strain that is constantly put on it.

A massage will ease any aches and pains you have been experiencing and it can even reduce anxiety. Your contractions may even feel less intense, which can reduce the amount of time you may be in labour and the amount of pain relief you may need.

What are the benefits of pregnancy massage?

As well as feeling more relaxed, there are lots of benefits to having a pregnancy massage. These include:

Muscular discomforts such as stiffness, leg cramps, tension and knots – Your circulation will be improved, which means the flow of blood can stimulate the key areas, easing how uncomfortable you may feel.

Muscular imbalance caused by changes in your posture – Pregnancy naturally changes the way you hold yourself about. Massage can help relieve discomfort and get your balance sorted.

Sciatic pain –  Massage can help relieve this pain around the lower back and buttock area.

Constipation – Massage will encourage your bowels to move and stop constipation.                     

Headaches and sinus pain – Tension can bring about sinus pressure and headaches but massaging the face, neck and shoulders can help decrease how much tension you are feeling.

Swelling/oedema – Your uterus places extra pressure on your legs, which can lead to swelling in your ankles and feet. Improve the circulation and lymph flow to the affected areas through massage.

A fully trained pregnancy massage specialist can help you deal with these aches, pains and other problems, but where can you find one?

The Leamington Therapy Centre provides a dedicated and experienced team to help ease your aches and pains during your pregnancy.

They can make you feel more relaxed and help with other issues as well, such as high blood pressure.

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