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Human beings don’t deserve dogs

A three-year-old girl being saved in the Australian wilderness by a dog.

The family’s 17-year-old dog Aurora, who is partially deaf and blind, stayed with the girl for more than 16 hours. The dog even led relatives to her and kept the girl warm and safe while she was scared on her own.
Police were so impressed that they named Aurora an honorary police dog.
It brings a tear to my eye reading this story.
I’m a big believer that older dogs are every bit as cute and cuddly as younger dogs. The loyalty that they show staggers me every time and I firmly believe that human beings are extremely lucky to have such fantastic companions in our lives.
I have grown up around dogs but unfortunately never had one myself. My grandma’s eldest dog died when she was 18 and the feeling of calm I had whenever I sat next to her on the sofa always helped me to chill out.
I remember going golfing with my other grandma and her dog once. Her dog Szep, which is Hungarian for ‘beautiful’, found a stick and carried it round the course the entire way. We went back to the same course a few weeks later, and Szep amazingly managed to find the exact same stick and carry it all the way round again.
My aunt also has a couple of German Shepherds. She started fostering so she had to get the dogs tested to make sure they wouldn’t act aggressively in case any children started acting up around them. One of the dogs always had an impressive growl on her, which had always been enough to make people back off when she wasn’t happy. Obviously when she was being tested, they had to push this one step further. She didn’t have a clue what to do when the growl didn’t work, which showed that she would be perfectly safe around children. She was basically the perfect epitome of an ideal guard dog. She was also a brilliant outlet for kids who had someone to talk to without being judged.
Dogs are fantastic animals and I will never understand why people abuse them. We’re very lucky to have them in our lives.
All that’s left to say is – good dog Aurora. Good dog.

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