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I’m confused about vaping

Several times recently I have been slightly annoyed by clouds of vaping fumes in my face.

I have had to run through clouds of it whilst out jogging on several occasions and have sat in a mist of it whilst at work.

This has slightly irritated me – but I am not quite sure why. I know it is not bad for my health (according to everything I have read) and I have to say I like the smell of it – especially the candy floss one!

Although I have not been a smoker for many years, I do not really mind the smell of tobacco smoke, unless it is stale on my clothes the next day.

But for some reason, being forced to sit or pass through thick clouds of vape smoke against my will seems to bother me. Perhaps this is just because it is so visible? Or perhaps it is just because we have got so used to cigarette smoke being outlawed these days.

Smoking is now seen as a fairly anti-social activity, banned from indoor spaces. I have noticed that vaping banned in most places as well now – purely for the comfort of others.

So I guess my plea to people who are vaping is perhaps just be aware of those around you. It may not be damaging their health, but if they have not chosen to breath in nicotine, your breath etc, then they shouldn’t really have to. At least ask them if they mind first.



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