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Internet celebrates 30th birthday

The Internet celebrated its 30th birthday this week: just as research shows that the average UK resident spends nine hours each day glued to a screen, which is 30 years throughout life.

Britain is the nation that is most obsessed with the World Wide Web, spending more time online than people in any other country.

Research by money saving website studied the time we spend looking at television, computer and mobile devices, including tablets and phones.  British people spend an average of nine hours a day looking at screens, which adds up to 63 hours a week, 274 hours a month.  This is about 11 days in every month of the year.  If you take these figures over a lifetime of 80 years it works out at 262,800 hours looking at a screen.  That’s 10,950 days – 30 years.

This means that Britons now each spend 37.5 per cent of their lives looking at a screen, and the poll did not include cinema going.

These results come after regulator Ofcom said British consumers spend more online than any other country.  It also revealed that Britons download more data than users in other nations.

Monday January 1st 2013 marked the 30th birthday of the Internet.  The computer network officially started its technological revolution as it fully substituted old networking systems on January 1st 1983.

You are bound to have your own views about the Internet and the amount of time people now spend looking at screens and on the Internet.  What these figures show though is that businesses cannot afford to ignore the power of the Internet and an online marketing strategy is now essential.

With people now spending so much of their lives online and making more and more purchases online you have a massive online audience to target.  If you make sure you get your business in front of them, either through your website, listings, advertising or Social Media platforms, you have a good opportunity to convert them and win new business.

Of course, it’s not easy to commit the time needed to manage a successful online marketing strategy, or to keep up with all the developments and platforms, which is where you may require some help.

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