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Is the sugar tax for good or bad?

A ground-breaking sugar tax has been introduced in the UK.

It means that firms such as Coca-Cola will be charged extra tax for selling drinks with a certain content of sugar in them.
I’m a big fan of introducing this legislation, even if some people may not be.
Alright, so the social problems created by sugar pale into insignificance compared to alcohol and drugs.
But the fact that children and teenagers are the main consumers of sugary fizzy drinks is something all of us should be concerned by.
I have never been a fan of fizzy drinks as I find them too sweet. I honestly don’t know how people drink them and I think one of the key reasons is because people who often enjoy fizzy drinks started having them at an early age.
Sugar is as addictive as any substance and it is incredibly bad for your teeth. I know people who have had major problems with their teeth as a result of too much sugar and there are big links to obesity as well. It can cause long-term problems that there is no way you can foresee when you’re younger.
An extra tax on these drinks brings vital cash into the economy from major businesses and these sorts of taxes are proven to be working on other societal problems.
The plastic bag charge is a great case in point. Carrier bag usage has dropped drastically since the 5p charge was introduced, which needed to happen. There is too much plastic around still but it is good that this problem is being dealt with.
Making cigarettes and alcohol more expensive will also have put some people off buying it. Granted, there is a long way to go on these fronts, but extra charges will definitely dissuade some people from buying fizzy drinks that is having a detrimental effect on youngsters, and that needs to be applauded.
Some companies have already agreed to reduce their sugar content, which is fabulous news.
Let’s hope we can all work together to keep tackling problems in society.

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