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Is there anything you can’t take a degree for?

It’s now possible to take a degree in heavy metal!  The degree is being offered by New College Nottingham, according to a BBC report.

Campaigners against the course say the degree will just lack credibility, while the college argues that it is a rigorous academic course.

Apparently, students will learn about the music business, the history of heavy metal music and the role of heavy metal in films and video games. They will then progress to playing their own music on tour.

Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education said: “There are too many degrees being offered that lack credibility in the marketplace.

“I suspect that may be the case with this course, unless you want to be a heavy metal star, in which case why would you need a degree in the subject?”

Lecturer Liam Maloy, who designed the course, said: “In the past, heavy metal has not been taken seriously and is seen as lacking academic credibility when compared with other genres such as jazz and classical music. But that’s just a cultural construction.”

I don’t doubt that there is plenty to learn on this course, or that it is as hard as some of the other subjects on offer. I just find it strange that so many practical subjects have been broken down into academic form these days.

Golf is another example of a degree course you can take. Surely heavy metal and golf are talents/disciplines that you just need to learn and develop by doing, not by reading and writing about.

One of the hardest jobs in the world is being a parent. I’m surprised you don’t have to spend two years in a classroom learning how to do that before being allowed to have children.


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