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It’s not over for handwriting yet

Handwriting was fast becoming a forgotten skill, banished to the days of old in favour of computer keyboards and touch screen typing.

This old-fashioned retro basic could now be making a comeback however, thanks to Google’s new handwriting tool.

The new feature allows users to write in their own unique style, using either a mouse or a touch pad. It’s not quite your traditional ink pen, but it certainly pays homage to that traditional discipline of being able to form our own letters and words as we write.

The idea behind the handwriting application is to make it easier to write in different languages, as well as being able to add a personal touch to an email or document.

Google said: “Handwriting input makes the internet easier to use by people worldwide and is also part of a larger effort to break the barrier between languages.

“Whether you’re a student trying to include a foreign phrase in your paper or an international consultant hoping to begin your message with a friendly local greeting, now you’ll be able to use your own handwriting to input words directly into Gmail and Google Docs with your mouse or trackpad.”

There are countless discussions and blog posts online discussing whether cursive handwriting is thing of the past, and if so, is that such a bad thing?

Arguments for celebrating its demise include not being able to read official documents from the past, while arguments for keeping this skill include the personal value of items such as handwritten letters and postcards.

I’ll let you make up your own mind.



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