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It’s time to get personal

Customers are increasingly looking for a more personal relationship with retailers, according to a new study.  The survey, by Groupon, found that shoppers expect targeted communication…

…through their mobiles, tablets and computers from the brands that they will spend money on.

It concluded that with so many opportunities for retailers to connect with their consumers, those who do not make this emotional link are likely to lose out.

Richard Jones, vice president of national accounts at Groupon UK and Ireland, told Marketing Week: “Shoppers, empowered by technology, are increasingly seeking a tailored and personalised service from retailers. By providing such a service, retailers should be able to nullify the low prices and (theoretical) convenience of online retailers.”

Half of the 2,000 people questioned in the study said they would like high street retailers to know who they are and what their likes and dislikes are.

Targeting deals to your audience is another area worth exploiting.

According to the Money Advice Service, smaller businesses should not fear customer loyalty to bigger names and brands, as this tide is turning. It says almost one in four shoppers are now choosing local independent stores rather than high-street chains.

Dr Dorothy A Yen, retail expert from Brunel University, said: “It’s been fascinating to look at how modern life and the economic climate have impacted on our shopping habits. As a nation, we’ve evolved into incredibly sophisticated shopping experts. Some of us are clearly savvier than others but with the wealth of deals and loyalty incentives out there, we’ve all developed a system that works for us.”



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