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It pays to be cheeky sometimes!

The power of being cheeky is not something that should ever be underestimated, and there are some lovely examples of people doing that at the moment.

Eugenie Bouchard honoured a Twitter bet with a New England Patriots fan


On Twitter, famous tennis player Eugenie Bouchard bet a New England Patriots fan on Twitter that Atlanta Falcons would not let slip a 21-0 lead in the Super Bowl, which they duly went on to do in one of the greatest sporting comebacks/chokes of all time.

The punishment was that Bouchard would take John Goerkhe on a date if the Patriots won, and fair play to her for actually following through on a bet that most celebrities would renege on.

They went to the basketball to watch Brooklyn Nets against Milwaukee Bucks, and only time will tell as to whether this date turns into a budding romance.

There have been quite a few examples of celebrities honouring Twitter dates. Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake went on dates to Marine Corps balls with servicemen and women, while Rihanna and Taylor Swift were extremely glamorous dates at High School proms for two lucky lads.

But I think my favourite example of a cheeky request was when a seven-year-old girl wrote to Google CEO Sundar Pichai to ask him for a job.

In fairness, her writing and spelling is absolutely phenomenal and would put a lot of adults to shame.

She asks ‘Google boss’ if she can work at the search engine when she is older and she tells him that it is only her second ever letter, with her first being to Father Christmas.

You can only applaud her for what she has done.

Amazingly, Mr Pichai saw fit to return her letter, saying that if she worked hard and followed her dreams then she would achieve what she wanted.

It’s so heart-warming seeing people in the public eye engaging with members of the public, and well done to them for taking time out of their busy schedules.

There’s a lesson in that for us all to learn.


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