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It should be the end of term for the politics playground

Who’s in, who’s out, who’s popular, who’s not…is it me or is British politics starting to sound more like gossip from the school playground?

All we seem to hear about is who is posher than who, who is a parent and who isn’t, who has offended who or which ones are friends and which ones have fallen out.

The headlines seem to change on a minute-by-minute basis at the moment and it’s got to the point where I’m just not interested any more.

Members of the new cabinet were announced and promptly ‘dissed’ – Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron for example said of Boris Johnson’s appointment as foreign secretary, that he would “spend more time apologising to nations he’s offended” than doing his job.

As schools break up for the summer, children up and down the country are being shown shocking examples of squabbling by the people responsible for running our lives.

We hear a lot from politicians about how to avoid apathy from the British voting public, how to engage more people in what is going on – but really guys, this isn’t helping!

Or maybe it is helping – maybe the politicians think that with the rise of popularity in reality TV shows and the celebrities they create, that maybe they should stage a real life soap opera or reality drama of their own.

All they need to do is give themselves a catchy theme tune and anagram and millions will watch them every night. Maybe: Westminster Arguments, Friendships and Politics – WAFAP.


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