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It’s Grand National time!

One of the biggest sporting occasions on the calendar takes place this weekend.

The Grand National has been going for not far off two centuries now, and there is something quintessentially British about this most brilliant of horse races.
There is nothing people love more in Britain than cheering for a plucky underdog, and this is the race where underdogs have every chance of winning.
It is the longest horse race of the year and there seems to be a real sense of achievement if you sift through all the 40 runners and manage to find the winner.
The fences are also the biggest that a horse will face, which makes it the ultimate test for anyone in the sport, similar to the London Marathon in running.
The fences have been made a lot safer over the years, which is great news as well. I can understand why some people may not like the race given that horses have died in the Grand National but the sheer drama of the occasion always pulls me in.
It is also worth remembering that these animals are looked after extraordinarily well. Often if a jockey falls, you will see the horse continuing to run and jump over fences. For me, that shows that these animals love doing what they do, otherwise they simply wouldn’t do it.
Loose horses also help add to the unpredictability of the race, which makes it exciting.
Of course, it’s not just about the Grand National Day. The quality of racing throughout the three days is the equivalent of the Champions League in football.
It’s also worth noting how much of an impact the fashion industry has with these festivals as well. Ladies Day sees women and men dress in the finest clothes around and there are plenty of people who enjoy this element to the Festival as well.
As a huge fan of sport, the Grand National is as good as any occasion out there.

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