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It’s that weird Christmas/New Year period again!

Here we go again then – another Christmas has come and gone!

And now we enter that really strange time of the year between Christmas and New Year when nobody really seems to know what on Earth is going on.

For every other week of the year I tend to get by through knowing what day of the week it is. But, with all the Bank Holidays thrown into the mix, I have to go by date, which I just wouldn’t do at any other point in the year.

There’s also a very strange mix of some people going into work and some not. Obvious professions like emergency services and retail need to go into work, but it’s very much higgledy-piggledy for a lot of the workforce, particularly in the private sector.

I’ve worked during that period before and it’s frustrating how pretty much nobody answers the phone when you try to ring them. You really do get jealous of people enjoying themselves at home.

However, when you are at home and don’t have to work during that period, it can be quite a boring time of the year. You’ve had all your fun at Christmas, you’ve eaten your body weight in food, but there are still days to go until you celebrate New Year. You’ve probably run out of money thanks to having to buy Christmas presents, or you’re having to budget unbelievably carefully if you got paid before Christmas, knowing that you’ll have to get through about six weeks before you get paid again.

One thing I do like about this time of the year is the general good cheer that is going around. It’s lovely to get out and about and see everyone else enjoying themselves, and you find that people are generally more chatty in public, which is nice.

If only we could harness that good feeling all year round – wouldn’t the world be such a better place?

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