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Making Facebook work for you

It’s not quantity, it’s quality when it comes to businesses’ Facebook behaviour.

According to a new study even the biggest of brands have surprisingly shown to be getting little return from their Facebook presence, despite having many fans on their pages. A report in Marketing Week this week explains why.

It is down to cracking codes of interaction with fans. Get that right, and you can sit back and reap the rewards. Get it wrong and the social media tool remains stagnant.

Firms such as H&M and Topshop, both of which have more with 15 million and 3.4 million fans respectively, each had a small percentage of ‘engagements’ (number of interactions in a week), according to Likely’s content agency’s findings.

So how can engaging with fans be done successfully on Facebook?

Primark and Miss Selfridge, which were also scored in the research into high street fashion, beauty and travel sectors, seem to be getting it right. With just 750,000 fans for Primark and 215,000 for Miss Selfridge, both still achieved far higher percentages of engagement.

Daniel Shore, chief executive of Likely, said this was probably down to how they created interesting newsfeeds, posting illustrations of outfits and what is on their racks ideal for factors such as the weather.

Mango does well with both number of fans and engagement, possibly because of its posts in different languages and click-to-buy, according to the study’s findings.

Dorothy Perkins features interesting additions such as blogs and general fashion talk rather than using a hard sell approach.

So if you’re wondering how to get the biggest return from Facebook, the answer is in how you engage, rather than how many people hit that ‘like’ button.

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