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Men need to swish their tail feathers

Scientists have gone to great lengths to discover what peahens find most attractive about a peacock’s tail feathers.

First of all, the American researchers trained peahens to wear high-tech eye-tracking camera equipment before analysing exactly what captures their attention the most when they are watching peacocks strut their stuff.

It all seems like a lot of effort to me for information that doesn’t strike me as being particularly useful.

The BBC reported how the scientific studies concluded that peahens spent most of their time looking at the bottom of the feather train, rather than the colourful area at the top.

Dr Jessica Yorzinski, who led the research project, told the BBC: “I wanted to know what it was the females attended to when they were evaluating potential mates.

“We were surprised by the results. From the head down was where most of their gaze was directed.

“The peahens often looked from side-to-side across the bottom portion of the train, suggesting that they were gauging the width of the train.”

The peahens were also found to be hard to impress, with much of their attention being easily distracted by the environment around them.

This sounds a bit like humans, with women paying more attention to their mobile phones than the men strutting their stuff around them!

Perhaps this research is useful after all. Men could use it as a way of making themselves more attractive to the opposite sex.

Maybe soon we will see swishing tail feathers attached to the back of trousers, or men’s hats with big plumes on the top for them to sway in the local nightclub.

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