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Mini beast disrupts signs of spring

Just when you thought spring was on the way, warnings of a mini Beast from the East lands in the UK. If you think you’re confused by the contrasts in weather…

…at the moment, imagine how the birds and plants are feeling! I was watching all the little birds in my garden this morning hopping about in preparation for the summer.

Plants such as daffodils are popping their heads above ground, only to be shocked again by the cold weather.

One day I am sweating because I have worn layers of warm clothes and then the temperatures are quite mild. The next day, I wear less and I’m freezing. And goodness knows what I’m doing with my heating settings at the moment!

It’s hard to imagine that most years, I actually go camping in May – that is just a matter of weeks away!

So, what on earth is going on? Meteorologists say the latest cold spell is from Siberia, as with the Beast from the East. But spring is definitely on its way after that.

The Met Office says: “Looking ahead the weather will remain cold for Monday, but the risk of snow diminishes. As we head further into the week we begin to see a return to conditions more typical for mid-March.”

I love the way us Brits get so excited about snow – I have seen pictures of some fantastic snowmen built during the first Beast from the East, including a storm trooper, a dinosaur and various animals. Unfortunately, my artistic skills weren’t quite as impressive and I only managed what can only be described as a snow blob.

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