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Mobile searches now exceed desktop searches

Google has confirmed that more searches are now carried out on mobile than on desktop.  Is your business prepared for what this means?

The technology company says that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”

This development has been on the cards for a while now, with several informal statements suggesting that mobile search queries would top desktop queries some time in 2015.  It has now been confirmed that this has happened.

Google tells us that mobile queries include mobile browser-based searches and those from Google’s mobile search apps.  The company groups tablets with desktops – so this is just smartphones and doesn’t include tablets.

Get mobile-friendly

So, if you were in any doubt about the importance of mobile search rid your mind of that doubt now.  The news that mobile search has now overtaken desktop search is proof that all companies need to invest in this area.  The recent mobile-friendly algorithm update is given full context: if you have a website that is not mobile-friendly, for instance, you cannot afford not to make it so.

The way people live their lives and run their businesses has changed: much of life and work is now done on the go and with a mobile device in hand.  This means that to reach people and potential customers you must reach them through mobile search.  This takes investment: money and time, in mobile search.

Make sure your business is found online

You need to ensure that your business and its products/services can be found online: through your website, listings on directories, online advertising, in the news, on social media – in fact anywhere someone may be looking.  It’s a 24-hour, fast-paced culture we live in and a business needs to embrace this to flourish.

If you need help with embracing mobile search and your online marketing, Infoserve, a UK leader in online marketing solutions, can help you.  We help hundreds of businesses throughout the country get found online and we can help you too.  Go to for more information about our services, or call us on 0113 859 5151.

There really is no time to lose: ensure your business is mobile-friendly.  It will pay dividends.


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