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Money can’t buy me love …not yet anyway

Are you short of a bit of willpower every now and then?

Well, you may think willpower is one of those things that money can’t buy, but it seems that is not the case any more!

A device called the Pavloc wristband has been designed to help us fight against our addictions and weaknesses in life.

The band delivers a small electric shock to the wearer – the idea being that you press the button when you start to feel a craving for overeating, biting your nails, playing a video game or any other addiction. It is believed the resulting discomfort should eventually reduce your cravings.

A UK firm has now also developed technology that can link the device to your bank account to prevent you from overspending. The device could then provide you with an unpleasant electric shock if you allow your funds to go below a certain limit.

This got me wondering what other inventions we might make in the future to provide things that ‘money can’t buy’…

Could we develop a device that would make another person fall in love with us? Maybe it would somehow release a hormone into the other person’s body every time they looked at us?

Or will it be possible to create amazing memories and install them into our brains?

Maybe we will be able to wear a device that will make us automatically know a new language or be able to program a computer!

Perhaps (I need this one) we will create an invention that will create more hours in the day!


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