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More people in Great Britain than ever before

New statistics show that the population of Great Britain is going to reach the 70million mark by the end of the next decade.

The year 2029 is when this could happen, two years later from the original estimate.
This is because of changes to the amount of net migration expected into the country, as well as slightly lower life expectancies and the number of children being born.
The population of Britain is obviously very much a red-button issue for a lot of people.
One point to note though is that the world as a whole is experiencing population growth, which means we all need somewhere to live. This isn’t just an issue exclusively to Britain.
Houses aren’t being built fast enough, which is seeing more and more folk on the streets – something that nobody wants to see.
There are more cars on the roads now than ever before, and if you ever go on the M1 or M62 these days you will notice that these motorways are almost never quiet. There are always people on the move and I think a large part of this is simply because there are more people in the world now than there was 20 or 30 years ago.
Cities are sprawling ever more outwards as more people flock to them to look for work, and you wonder whether there may be a tipping point for our green island.
One thing that I always find reassuring with issues such as these though is that when you are in an aeroplane and fly above this country, there is still so much green space out there for people to enjoy.
The population is growing, there is no doubt about that. But some people panic about this a lot more than maybe we should.
There are obvious challenges that need to be negotiated, but there are plenty of clever people out there.
We should all be looking to meet these challenges together.

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