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Naked wedding dress unveiled

Remember the story of the emperor’s new clothes? Well, the story seems to have been recreated at the Paris Couture Fashion Week.

A dress appeared on the catwalk that covers the bride in a completely see-through material from the waist down – leaving nothing to the imagination!

I can’t imagine what the sight of that would do to the elderly guests at a wedding ceremony! It seems likely the paramedics would have to be called…

I wonder whether the guests would let-on that the bride was half naked, or would they all pretend not to notice, as with the emperor’s new clothes? You can imagine the conversations: “You look lovely dear but, urm, did you know you can see right through your dress?”

Of course, fashion shows aren’t generally known to showcase everyday wear, but it does seem quite bizarre for anyone to design a wedding dress that shows off the bride’s naked body.

Other crazy high fashion items I have seen from catwalks of similar events in the past include a model dressed as a watermelon and one with a huge eye placed over her head – more like fancy dress or art than clothes! In fact, many of them look almost impossible to walk in, let alone trying to actually use your arms or do anything else.

My particular favourite was a skirt that looked like an upside-down umbrella – that would actually be quite useful, you could use it to carry things in.

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