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New Year resolutions for online marketing success

The start of a new year is the time to look forward and plan for the coming year: if you run a business your online marketing is an area you cannot afford to ignore.

Online marketing can seem daunting, but if you tackle it in realistic stages you will soon find that it will repay your efforts.  Make a few New Year resolutions now about your online marketing and 2013 could be a great year.

Get your website up-to-date

If you have a website make sure that it is up-to-date and that it is performing in the search engines for you.  You may need to add more content, which needs to include the keywords/phrases that are relevant to your business.  If it’s not ranking as you would like in the search engines you could do some Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising as well as improving your site’s content – this will ensure you get found when people search for what you are selling.  Make a content plan and add fresh, original content to your website on a regular basis – perhaps through a blog or news section.

If you don’t have a website, well perhaps it’s time to get one.  A simple website may suffice, but perhaps you have a number of services/products you sell and you could require a bespoke solution.  Your website is an important investment and think about whether you need a Content Management System (CMS), which will allow you to make changes to the website yourself, and whether you need to be able to sell products from your website.

Perhaps you are missing out on potential customers through not having a Social Media profile.  Look at your customer base and decide what will work best for your business.  Perhaps Facebook is where your customers are: if so, make sure that you have a strong, branded Facebook profile and start connecting with your customers 24/7.  Other Social Media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube and Google+ may be good for raising your business profile.  Remember that you must keep up-to-date with these sites and post regularly to get the best results.  Ensure you set some time aside to do this, or choose a member of staff you trust to represent your brand and engage with customers – they too will need some time, and perhaps training, allocated to perform this role.

If you are reading this and starting to panic at the thought of marketing your business online then perhaps it’s time to get some help.  Infoserve is one of the leaders in online marketing solutions for SMEs in the UK, offering a portfolio of products to help you.

Infoserve can help you

Infoserve can build and create a website for you to your exact needs, and set up and manage your Social Media profiles. Infoserve designs and builds affordable, effective bespoke websites, including bespoke e-commerce websites.

Infoserve will work with you to create the website you want.  It will be easy to use with a Content Management System (CMS) that gives you the ability to make the changes you wish to your site quickly and easily.

Infoserve also offers a complete Social Media service, which allows you to present a branded, consistent image across all the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+, helping to increase traffic to your website and therefore generate an increase in new business.

Infoserve will design bespoke Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ pages for your business that is based on your corporate branding: presenting a strong, consistent image to existing and potential customers.

Infoserve exclusively operates Yahoo! Local, offering you fixed price, fixed term solutions for advertising your business online.  It owns and runs, a leading website for all things local.  Founded in 2000, Cityvisitor was one of the UK’s first online business directories.  It developed into one of the most popular online business finders and today is a one-stop online marketing platform for advertisers and a leading local resource for users.

Infoserve can also help you support your football club and connect with potential customers.  Through the Football Business Finder your business can appear across a network of over 70 official Football League sites.  The network includes teams from the Premier League, the Championship, Leagues One and Two, and non-league.

Pay Per Click advertising

If you are looking at Pay Per Click advertising then Infoserve offers guaranteed clicks with the Infoserve Click Package.  PPC advertising is a great way to direct traffic to your website.  You can bid on keyword phrases that are relevant to your target market.  It takes time and expertise, however, to manage an online PPC campaign successfully – time that you simply may not have.  Infoserve can look after it all for you – leaving you to get on with running your business.

Video can create real impact in your online marketing and Infoserve now offers affordable video production for businesses.

Infoserve can create bespoke videos: from videos featuring photographs and a professional voice-over to full scale video production involving a film team visiting your business and creating a documentary-style video.

Your video can be shown on the Cityvisitor website, across all your Social Media channels and also in email campaigns to customers.

Infoserve will help you achieve the video you want, with minimum hassle and to your budget.

Affordable, effective online marketing solutions

Infoserve is expanding its portfolio of affordable, effective online marketing solutions for SMEs.  Exciting new products and developments are to be announced in 2013 – each offering you the chance to get your business found online.

If you would like to find out more about how Infoserve can help you stick to your New Year resolutions about online marketing in 2013 contact Infoserve now.

Make 2013 count for your business!


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