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No more fairytales

A campaign is afoot to bring an end to the traditional fairytales we tell to our children.

At first impressions, this idea might bring gasps of ‘political correctness gone mad’, but when you actually listen to the arguments, they do make sense.

Those against the tales – such as Cinderella, Snow White etc – argue that these stories ingrain incorrect gender identities in children from a young age.

The campaigners say the stories tell girls they have to be passive, helpless, extremely thin and saved by being kissed in their sleep. Meanwhile, they teach boys that they have to be strong, brave and heroic.

Dr Victoria Showunmi, who lectures in gender studies at UCL, told The Independent: “This places a large amount of unnecessary stress onto both sexes and in particular women as they believe that they should take up the western traditional role of being a woman.”

The problem with these fairytales is that they have become a huge part of childhood today – with fancy dress costumes, birthday party themes, toys and so on all being based on them, making the stereotypes a strong part of daily life.

Actresses Keira Knightley and Kristen Bell are among those criticising the fairytales as anarchic.

They definitely have a very good point but I do wonder what would happen to the traditional Christmas pantomimes if fairytales became a thing of the past.


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