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Plastic replaces Trump

The most popular word of the year among children has been officially announced as ‘plastic’.

The Oxford Children’s Word of the Year is named by Oxford University Press every year, following analysis of entries into BBC Radio 2’s 500 words competition.

This is a vast improvement, I must say, on last year’s word of the year – Trump.

Plastic has turned up in children’s writing due to the issue of plastic pollution, which has been dominating news headlines.

Oxford University Press reported that plastic was used in emotive ways by the young writers, in sentences such as: ‘Sea animals are dying because of you and your plastic’ and ‘unwelcome plastic alien invader’.

Chris Evans, who revealed the result on his Radio 2 breakfast show, said: “Plastic is a fantastic Word of the Year! It really shows just how incredibly engaged with and how much the young people in Britain today care about the world around them.”

The analysis of the writing competition throws up some other interesting statistics about what today’s children are thinking about.

Top fictional characters mentioned were Santa and Cinderella, whilst the most common famous people mentioned were (yes, you’ve guessed it) Trump, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

Other popular words included ‘slime’, ‘unicorn’ and ‘mermaid’ along with lots of gaming and social media-related language.

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